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Service-orientierte ArchiteKturen zur Unterstützung von Netzwerken

im Rahmen Oeffentlicher Sicherheit

(Service-Oriented ArchiteCtures Supporting Networks of Public Security)


Against the background of the security research program of the German federal government, the SoKNOS research project aims to develop concepts that are valuable in the support of governmental agencies, private companies, and other organizations active in the handling of disastrous events in the public security sector.

  • SoKNOS develops data-based solutions that particularly shorten the structuring phase, i.e., the phase after the occurrence of the disaster.
  • SoKNOS aims to support a cross-organizational collaboration – in real-time and on all levels between local, regional, national, and international organizations.


The goals that the research project is pursuing can be summarized in the following five points:

  • to find, exchange, and evaluate data and information quicker
  • to plan operations in a clear-sighted and interactive manner
  • to ease the cooperation of public authorities, organizations, and experts in the public security sector
  • to reduce reaction time and increase reliability of the actions taken
  • to provide a comprehensive and faster overview of the disaster and the rescue operation status by means of user-friendly information technology

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